CAROLINA MUNHÓZ is a 28-year-old journalist, screenwriter and a YA fantasy writer. She won the Brazilian Youth Award as “Best Brazilian Young Writer” and  by VoxPopuli the “Author’s Category” on the Shorty Awards Ceremony in NY. On 2014 she got “Book of the Year” by Atrevida (major teen magazine) and in 2015 by Capricho (another major teen magazine).

She is the author of “The Fairy”, “The Winter of the Fairies”, “Keeping up with Magic” and “For a Golden Touch”. Carolina is also co-author of “The Kingdom of Eternal Voices”, “The World of Speechless Voices” and “The Secret Kingdom – Colouring Book” in partnership with actress Sophia Abrahão, staying for nine months in the national bestseller of PublishNews

Paulo Coelho quoted her name in Frankfurt as one of the good writers in the market.  She signed a six figure deal with Rocco publishing company and signed with RedeGlobo (Brazil’s main TV network) as a screenwriter.

Carolina currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband (the bestseller writer Raphael Draccon) by an EB-1 Green Card as “Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities”, where she is a writer, social media addict (more than 85 thousand followers and 250 fan clubs), fashion enthusiast (more than 50 partnerships with brands), columnist for Potterish (4th largest HP website in the world) and RapaduraCast( 3rd largest podcast in Brazil). She is also working on two Tv Series.


“A story filled with magic and spirituality. It is likely to follow Alexandra Ardonetto’s and Cassandra Clare’s steps”  – Época Magazine

Some young people get expensive presents, airline tickets, or surprise parties for their eighteenth birthdays. Melanie Aine got her father’s death, a strange tattoo, and the finding that she was not a human being.

As if that was not enough, Melanie also discovered a fantastic world behind the foggy and mysterious city of London. A world which she could even ignore, only if she had not realized she was an important piece of it. It is a legacy of tragedies and personal issues to which she does not expect to adapt, but yet, she doesn’t know whether she will have an option.

The only thing which might be rewarding is her encounter with a mysterious man from a powerful witch family. Their relationship goes in a rickety and tenuous line, which separates love from fury. It is an affection likely to take her to the transcendent and eternal life. A fury likely to lead her to death and oblivion.

Among many spells, fights, magical creatures, and supernatural events, “The Fairy” is a story of discovery and overcoming. It is about how love can make many people rediscover life and the magic in it.


“A fusion of the mysticism of Paulo Coelho with the magic of Harry Potter” – O Globo Journal

Some people are destined to be normal. Simple men and women who live and die without fanfare. Without leaving any significant mark on humanity. But this is not a story about normal people.

This is a story about those who are destined for greatness. Those who have extraordinary gifts. Who possess the kind of sparkle that continues to shine through generations. Singers with the voices of angels, painters with the hands of gods, and writers who will live in infamy. But most of all, this is a story about the mythical being who inspires them all.

Meet eighteen-year-old Sophia Coldheart. She has a beauty that surpasses all. A magnetism that cannot be fought. An ability to inspire that can change lives. Sophia is a Leanan Sídhe, also commonly referred to as a “fairy lover,” a “fairy mistress,” or a “vampire fairy,” due to her ability to drain her devotees of all their energy.

Originating in Celtic folklore, the Leanan Sídhe are a rare form of fairy who inhabit Fairyland. They offer inspiration to artists in exchange for their love and devotion. They have the ability to create bestselling authors, award-winning actors, world-renowned songwriters, and even superstar athletes. However, once a Leanan Sídhe has had her fill, and recharged her energy, she must move on to her next lover. But her absence can drive an artist to madness. And in most cases, to death.

Being born a Leanan Sídhe is a hauntingly beautiful curse. A curse that has tormented Sophia Coldheart from the beginning. She has held the love and obsession of several mortals. Famous celebrities who have achieved greatness only to waste away and eventually fall victim to drugs, alcohol and suicide when Sophia is forced to leave them.

The guilt over her numerous victims is weighing heavier upon her every day. But this is not a life from which you can opt out of. It is a birthright. And the only way to survive is to feed off the creative energy of gifted humans.

The existence of a Leanan Sídhe is also a lonely one. Sophia’s mother and father are both gone. Her grandfather, a powerful official in Fairyland, is her only confidante. She keeps everyone else at a safe distance, for the Fairy Mistress can never get too close to anyone. She can never fall in love herself. The result is death. Sophia knows this all too well from her late mother’s fatal mistake. She has promised herself that she will not fall prey to the same weakness as her mother.

But all of that changes when Sophia meets William Bass, her latest victim. William is a young writer from the English countryside, who leads a simple life, writing and helping his father run an antique bookshop.

Sophia is instantly intrigued by William. He seems to be the only human being who has ever been able to resist her charms. And even more disconcerting, he is the only mortal she has ever met who has power over her. Not the other way around, as she has grown accustomed to.

Despite her better judgment, and a lifetime of instincts as a fleeting seductress, Sophia finds herself drawn to him. This attraction will surely end in death for them both.

When Sophia breaks all the rules, and reveals who she really is to William, he is faced with a disturbing truth: if he continues to love her, he will live an extraordinary and meteoric life, only to die a tragic death. But if, on the other hand, he chooses to leave her, he may be able to salvage what is left of his normal existence.

But can anyone really leave a fairy lover?



Violet Lashian has only one goal: to be famous in her world. But who was never seduced byCapa - Feérica - Carolina Munhóz that thought?

Ignored by the fairies of a society that values ​​standardization, the fairy with the purple hair decides to leave her suffering life in search for a place among the Hollywood stars. Backstage of reality shows. Glamorous parties. Dates with young millionaires.

Interviews for all around the world. Instant fame, money and power. Suddenly, the fey is seen surrounded by the reality of her dreams. But would Violet be able to maintain the purity of her magic race in a world corrupted by material desires? And what are the real consequences of her revelation to the existence of her people? You will discover this and much more in the next episode.


If you could find a place where everyone accept you… Would you be able to abandon it?Capa - O Reino das vozes que não se calam - Carolina Munhóz e Sophia Abrahão

Sophie hides from everyone and herself. Insecure, she can not see her beauty and talent, and have difficulty in relating to others. Her day to day is lost among the winding paths of living with depression and bullying. The girl is slowly shutting down in the darkness of her thoughts. Helpless and without the courage to deal with her problems, she discovers a magical place: a kingdom where voices are eternal and amazing creatures become real. A colorful place where she can finally be herself. Torn between reality and fantasy, Sophie will have the invaluable help of an ordinary boy and an enchanted guardian, who will show her the secrets of the soul and she will decide whether it is worth facing her fears or live in an endless fairy tale.


Money, power and success. Who does not want it all? But what if some Capa Por um Toque de Ouro - Carolina Munhózmillionaires actually have much more luck than others? And if all this is revealed as a special power?

Emily O’Connell never imagined that she could have a golden touch. Heir to one of the most luxurious brands of haute couture shoes and bags, fortune and glamor practically run in her family’s blood.

One day, however, Emily realizes that her luck may be much bigger than what she thinks. In the morning after St. Patrick’s holiday, after making millions in a gambling night, the girl finds herself victim of a rape attempted. What does not put her in the police statistics, however, is the almost magical way she get rid of the danger.

Everything gets complicated when Emily meets the mysterious and charming Aaron Locky. After all, what secrets he hides behind his long hair and ironic laugh? Somehow, Aaron has on her an irresistible attraction, as if an aura of power encircle them. He has much to teach Emily, but, of all things, she never imagined that could be involved with a legendary secular tradition.


“They have the power. Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz conquer the publishing market with references to pop culture, fairies and dragons. Fantasy is the commercial phenomenon of contemporary Brazilian literature. These authors are at the heart of this generation.” – Front page of Folha de São Paulo (Marcio Achilles)

“Newcomer Carolina Munhóz sells seven thousand copies in less than a month and follows in the footsteps of international authors, putting her book among the best sellers in the country“ – Isto É magazine (Marcos Nogueira Diego)

“Carolina Munhóz is in the running to be of the next Cassandra Clare and Alexandra Adornetto.” – Época magazine (DanilO Venticinque)

“A fusion of the mysticism of Paulo Coelho with the magic of Harry Potter” – O Globo Journal


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