Yallwest painel – First US event panel

Meu primeiro painel como autora e roteirista nos Estados Unidos! E começando no maior evento, YallWest! Tão feliz e animada!  Tomorrow is my first US panel as an author and screenwriter! Starting on the best event ever! So excited for Yallwest! Thanks Margaret Stohl for this amazing invite!

Com as atrizes Laura e Vanessa Marano! Duas fofas que estão no filme da Alyson Noel ❤️ This weekend we were able to watch the trailer for “Saving Zoe” and OMG it was amazing! I started to cry watching it! Such an emotional piece and I can’t wait to watch the entire movie! So proud of my girl Alyson Noel! Alyson, you are an inspiration as a woman and as an artist! Love you! And I was already a fan of the Marano’s sister work and it was amazing meeting them! Such a lovely family! Badass women together! You can check it out now Laura Marano on The Perfect Date and it was a blast chatting with Vanessa Marano about “Gilmore Girls”, “The Comeback” and “Switched at Birth”!


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